The Life of Govert Loockermans

Information about the life of Govert Loockermans, as found in the records of the NYC Municipal Archives and the City of Amsterdam Archives, may be found here.

As you read about Govert's life, consider the following questions:

1.      Historian Willem Frijhoff has referred to Govert Loockermans as a “vigilant, cunning merchant,” a “ruthless pioneer,” and an “icon of a Wall Stree capitalist.” To what extent would you agree or disagree with Frijhoff?

2.      Govert Loockermans rise to prominence as a New Amsterdam merchants was influenced by his connection to the Verburgge family of Amsterdam merchants.  How would you describe this relationship and how did it change over time?

3.      While residing in Manhattan, Govert Loockermans seems to have been a responsible, active, engaged citizen of New Amsterdam.  To what extent was this true?  Consider the positions he held in city government and his “voluntary contributions” to the city.

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