Welcome to the New Amsterdam Stories blog!

This unique platform, a collaboration between the New York City Municipal Archives and the Stadsarchief Amsterdam, explores shared cultural history that exists between Amsterdam and New York, two of the world’s leading cities.  Guided by scholars from the New Netherland Institute (Albany, NY), this new project makes original documents found in both archives available to the general public for the first time.

Amsterdam, the preeminent commercial city of the Dutch Republic, served as inspiration and model for New Amsterdam, the city created on the island of Manhattan in the seventeenth century.  The close connections between these two municipalities are revealed in the records of New Amsterdam’s city government (held by the NYC Municipal Archives) and the protocols of Amsterdam’s Notaries (held by the Stadsarchief Amsterdam).

In the first phase of the project, these documents will be made available through this interactive website. We invite you to investigate and comment on the personal life histories of several of Manhattan’s earliest European residents, including:

Please share any commentary or perspectives below!