Ending Violence Against Women

The right to be free from physical, sexual, emotional or economic violence is a campaign that has been fought privately and publicly. Women have faced challenges not only in receiving protection and services, but in getting the public to recognize the various forms of violence that exist. From naming what is happening to recording numbers and cases, to creating interventions and offering services, women and womens groups have led the way for government change. The selections below highlight the various efforts to publicly name and raise awareness of the types of violence women face; the data and research that needs to be collected to understand the effects of violence; and the procedures and policies that continue to develop to keep women safe. 

An array of public awareness brochures, posters, and booklets from the 1970s through 2015.

A press release issued by Mayor Beame outlining a new program to streamline and professionalize medical evidence collection procedures in cases of rape, 1974.