A Conversation between Barbara Hibbert, Reference Room Director and Ken Cobb, Assistant Commissioner, January 17, 2018

KRC:  Barbara, will we see you on Saturday morning?

BH: I’ll be here on the 20th, for our first Saturday—after that, once in a while. I think you’ll see some of our other archivists at the desk on Saturdays going forward.

KRC:  How long have you been doing this?

BH:  Former Commissioner Idilio Gracia-Pena hired me in February 1982, to design forms. I was finishing up at the New York School of Printing [a vocational high school]. I think they called it a work-study program—I would go to school until 1 p.m. and then head down to the Tweed Courthouse. When we moved to 31 Chambers, I also helped out in the darkroom printing pictures. I was hired full-time in 1984. One day around then I went into the reference room to help Carol with the genealogy work. And that was it. I never left.